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Wrap-around Light Covers


Wrap-around light covers with ends










Light covers with lamp clamps

These light covers are retained in fixtures
with lamp clamps. Specify clamps to fit
T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps.

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If the light cover you want quoted is not shown, click here.



To obtain a quotation from Progressive Innovators, Inc.

1. Do either one of these steps:
a. Place your light cover upright and trace its end on a piece of paper.
Write down its greatest width and full-length.
b. Send us a short sample and indicate it's full-length or a complete sample.
2. Indicate the series (letters) that match your light cover. If you're not sure, skip this step.
3. Indicate the approximate number needed and the material - clear prismatic or white. 
4. Fax this information, your name, fax and phone nos. to 800-860-3265.
5. You will receive a faxed quotation from us. If we receive an order, we will send a
drawing of the replacement light covers before any are shipped.


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